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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.62 (2011)



AMEMIYA Y. : Control of soil-borne plant diseases by compost amendments 1

ENDO T. : Disease Occurrence of Several Crops Cultivated in Brazil, Morocco and China 6

HONKURA R. and KIKUCHI S. : Potentiality of Diseased Rice Straws Overwintered on Rack Drying to Become Infection Source of Rice Leaf Blast in Middle Area of Miyagi Prefecture 11

OGURA R., MINO K. and SHIRAI K. : An Effective Method of Controlling Seed-Borne Diseases in Rice Is to Add Vinegar to Biopesticide and Hot-Water Treatment During the Germination Process 18

KOZAWA T., MATSUBARA A., YASUOKA S., IKEDA S., NAGAHAMA O., MIURA H. and KOIKE M. : Outbreak of Wheat Scab Caused by Microdochium nivale on Winter Wheat in Tokachi, Hokkaido in 2010 26

OHBA A., SAITO Y., NAKASHIO O. and TATEISHI H. : Comparison of Control Techniques for Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat and Possibility of Decreased-Volume Pesticide Application 30

OHBA A., TAIRA T., ITO T., SAITO Y., NAKASHIO O. and TATEISHI H. : Adaptability of Hanging Nozzle with Boom Sprayer for Control of Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat 37

HORITA H., SASAKI J. : First Report of Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus on Wheat in Hokkaido 43

HORITA H., TAKEUCHI T., SASAKI J., SUZUKI T. and KIGUCHI T. : Distribution of Wheat Yellow Mosaic Disease in Hokkaido 47

MISAWA T. and KOMATSU T. : Occurrence of Rhizoctonia Root Rot of Soybean Caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG-2-2W and Adzuki Bean Caused by R. solani AG-1TB in Commercial Fields of Hokkaido 50

KADOTA I., IWAMA T. and SHISHIDO K. : Experiment to Analyze Correctness in Diagnosis of Bacterial Canker of Tomato Caused by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis using Cmm ImmunoStrip Test 55

IWADATE Y. and YOSHIDA M. : Control Effect of Several Fungicides on Cucumber Scab and Sensitivity of Cladosporium cucumerinum to Thiophanate-Methyl 59

IWADATE Y. : Control of Black Root Rot of Cucumber by Soil Fumigation to Deep Layer with Chloropicrin 65

NAGASAKA A. : Influence of Inoculum Depth on Root Infection and Wilt of Cucumber Caused by Phomopsis sclerotioides, Incitant of Black Root Rot 70

KOMATSU T., KIMURA F. and SHIMIZU R. : Effect of Soil Temperature Control with Colored Mulching Films on Root Rot of Melon in Hokkaido 75

MISAWA T. : Control Effectiveness of Several Fungicides Available in Organic Cropping against Powdery Mildew of Pea and Its Duration 79

MISAWA T. and KUROKAWA T. : Damping-off of Japanese Hornwort Caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG-2-2VB 85

IWADATE Y., CHIBA K., TAKESAWA T., AKASAKA S., KAWAMURA H., TADA K. and NEKODUKA S. : Shut off of Gentian Tumorous Symptoms eeKobu-shoff by Isolation of a Cultivated Field from a Ridge 89

AKAHIRA T. and YAMAMOTO S. : Infection Time and Effect of Fungicides on Wart Bark in Apple Tree Caused by Botryosphaeria berengeriana in Aomori Prefecture 93

AKAHIRA T. and YAMAMOTO S. : Occurrence of Stem-End Rot during Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Apple Fruit Caused by Botrytis cinerea 96

SANPEI N., FUJITA T., OGATA T., KANNO E. and TAKITA S. : Developing Common Spray Schedules for Disease Control with Combination of Fungicides under Mixed Conditions of Apple and Peach Orchards : 1. Examining Efficacy for Controlling Main Diseases of Common Spray Schedules 100

TAKAHASHI Y. and KIKUCHI H. : Control of Pecky Rice Caused by Rice Leaf Bugs, Trigonotylus caelestialium and Stenotus rubrovittatus, with Levee Managements in Small and Medium Sized Paddy Fields 106

KOYAMA J., FUJIMURA T. and ITO S. : Forecasting of Oriental Armyworm, Mythimna separata, by Molasses Trap Method in Aomori and Akita Prefectures, Japan 112

ABE A. and SUZUKI T. : Main Diseases and Insect Pests of Miscellaneous Grains in Iwate Prefecture 119

IWASAKI A. : Dispersal of an Introduced Pest, Liriomyza huidobrensisiBlanchardjiDiptera: AgromyzidaejDuring First Ten Years After Discovery of the Pest in Hokkaido 123

ONODERA K. : Duration of Effect of Thiamethoxam Seed Treatment for Control of Foxglove Aphid, Aulacorthum solani, in Soybean 127

TAKAHASHI Y., KIKUCHI H. and NAKAMURA T. : Control Threshold of Bean Webworm, Pleuroptya ruralis, in Soybean Fields of Akita Prefecture 130

YOKOTA H. : Seasonal Variations in Occurrence of Bean Webworm, Pleuroptya ruralis, on Boehmeria tricuspis and Soybean in Central Iwate, Northeastern Japan 134

SAKURAI T., KATSUYAMA N., NAKAO S., TSUTSUMI T., HINOMOTO N., INOUE H. and TSUDA S. : Relationship between Release Number of Haplothrips brevitubus as Booster of Orius strigicollis and Its Effect on Control of Pest Thrips on a Variety of Green Pepper Grown in Greenhouse 140

KITANO N. and YAMASHITA K. : Effect of Soil Fumigant on Damage of Garlic Caused by Ditylenchus destructor 144

MATSUDA M. and SHINDO J. : Effect of Two Insect-Growth Regulators against Onion Thrips, Thrips tabaci, Inhabiting Welsh-Onion Field 148

MATSUDA M. : Control of Pyrethroid-Resistant Onion Thrips, Thrips tabaci, in Welsh-Onion Field 153

MIZUKOSHI T., YAMADA N., KONNO T. and ONODERA K. : Life history and Damage of Dactylispa masoniiiColeoptera : Chrysomelidaejon Japanese ButterburiPopular Name: gRawan-bukihjin the Tokachi district of Hokkaido 158

SHINDO J., YAMASHITA K., KITANO N., ARAI S. and ISHITANI M. : Seasonal Prevalence of Major Disease and Pest in Early Planting Culture of Chinese Yam Dioscorea batatas in Southeast Area of Aomori Prefecture 164

AOKI M., TANAKA M. and NARIMATSU Y. : Pentastiridius apicalis as Probable Vector of Strawberry Marginal Chlorosis and Its Life Cycle in Hokkaido 169

ARAI T., TAKANASHI M., TOYOSHIMA S., IHARA F. and NARITA O. : Effect of Four Insecticides on Survival of First Instar Nymphs of San Jose Scale, Diaspidiotus perniciosus, in Apple Trees 174

ARAI T., TAKANASHI M., YAGINUMA K., IHARA F., ITO T., NARITA O. and TOYOSHIMA S. : Annual Fluctuations in Number of First Instar Nymphs of San Jose Scale, Diaspidiotus perniciosus, in Non-Insecticide-Sprayed Apple Orchard 179

ARAI T., TAKANASHI M., YAGINUMA K., IHARA F., ITO T., NARITA O. and TOYOSHIMA S. : Relationship between Number of First Instar Nymphs of San Jose Scale, Diaspidiotus perniciosus, Caught on Tape Traps and Adult Male Pheromone Trap Catch in Non-Insecticide-Sprayed Apple Orchard 182

ITOU S. : Effect of Agricultural Chemicals against Treeborer, Toleria romanoviiLeechjCof Grape Trees 186

KOMATSU M. : Period of Infestation of Grapes by Larvae of Toleria romanovi in Akita Prefecture 191

IWASAKI A., AOKI M. and SENOO Y. : Mass Outbreak of Beet Webworm, Spoladea recurvalis, in Sugar Beet in 2010 in Hokkaido and Chemical Control of the Pest 194

OTSUKI K., SUZUKI T., KASHIN J. and ONO T. : Oviposition and Seasonal Prevalence of Sorghum Plant Bug, Stenotus rubrovittatus MatsumuraiHemiptera:MiridaejCin Festulolium 199