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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.60 (2009)


Horie, H. : The Significance of Plant Disease Diagnosis and Preparation for Fosterage of "Plant Doctor" and Collaboration 1

Takahashi, N. and Nekoduka, S. : Rice Husk around Seedling House Could be the Infection Source of MBI-D Fungicide Resistant Isolates of Pyricularia oryzae 8

Kobayashi, T., Sasahara, M., Kanda, E., Kanematsu, S., Ishiguro, K. and Kanno, H. : Relationship Between Accumulated Temperature after Heading of Rice Plant and Susceptibility of Rice to Panicle Blast 12

Koizumi, S., Shiratsuchi, H., Kataoka, T. and Yamaguchi, M. : Blast Development and its Control with Reduced Chemical Cost in Rice Broadcast Direct Sowing Cultivation at High Plant Density in Flooded Paddy Field 16

Kito, H., Zenbayashi, K., Koizumi, S. and Nakajima, T. : Control Effects of the Field Resistance Gene Pi34 on Infection with Rice Blast Disease 25

Sayama, M. : Application of the Test Tube Culture Method for Sugar Beet Rhizomania to Wheat Yellow Mosaic 30

Kozawa, T., Souma, J., Miura, H. and Koike, M. : Evaluation of Several Foliar Fungicides for Controlling Fusarium Head Blight and Deoxynivalenol Contamination in Wheat 35

Sasahara, M. : Effective Application of Chemical Controlling Soybean Purple Seed Stain Fugus Resistant to Thiophanate-Methyl 41

Sasahara, M. : Soybean Purple Seed Stain Control Using Resistant Cultivars in Miyagi Prefecture 45

Iketani-Saito, M., Ishikawa, T., Araki, H., Yamana, T., Shirai, K. and Furukawa, K. : Occurrence of Beet Western Yellows in Abashiri District of Hokkaido in 2008: Yield Loss and Infection Period 51

Misawa, T. : Species Composition of Causal Agent of Leaf Bright of Welsh Onion in Hokkaido 55

Misawa, T. : Evaluation of Foliar Application of Several Fungicides to Control Leaf Bright of Welsh Onion 58

Saito, T., Chiba, K., Abe, A., Iwadate, Y. and Akasaka, Y. : Occurrence of Leaf Blight of Welsh Onion Caused by Ciborinia allii in Iwate Prefecture 63

Iwadate, Y., Yoshida, S., Eguchi, T., Shoji, S., Takahashi, T., Akiyama, H. and Nekoduka, S. : Reduction of Application Dosage of Chloropicrin Tablets to Control Spinach Fusarium Wilt Using VIF 67

Sumino, A. and Shirai, K. : Occurrence of Celery Bacterial Rot Caused by Pseudomonas marginalis pv. marginalis in Hokkaido 73

Sumino, A. and Shirai, K. : Effect of Fungicides on Celery Early Blight and Sensitivity of Cercospora apii to Thiophanate-Methyl 77

Sumino, A., Shinmura, A., Narimatsu, Y., Matsui, R. and Nishimura, S. : Occurrence of Strawberry Anthracnose Caused by Glomerella cingulata (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides)in Hokkaido 82

Kondo, M., Nagano, T., Takahashi, C. and Nakamura, S. : Sensitivity of Corynespora cassicola, the Causal Fungus of Corynespora Leaf Spot on Cucumber, to Several Fungicides in Miyagi Prefecture 88

Hara, Y., Aiuchi, D., Masuda, T., Sekine, T., Kozawa, T. and Koike, M. : Biological Control of Cucumber Powdery Mildew by Entomopathogenic Lecanicillium spp. 92

Yamaguchi, T. and Iwadate, Y. : Adaptability of Several Cucurbit Plants for Use as Rootstocks to Prevent Cucumber Black Root Rot Caused by Phomopsis sclerotioides 96

Kiguchi, T. : Effects of Agricultural Chemicals against Bacterial Fruit Blotch of Melon 102

Yamauchi, N., Miura, Y. and Shirakawa, T. : Damping-off of Broccoli Caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG-4 HG-I 105

Horikoshi, N., Fujita, Y., Sonoda, T. and Tairako, K. : Occurrence of Phytophthora rot of Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) Caused by Phytophthora sp. in Fukushima Prefecture 108

Sugawara, K., Matsudate, A., Satou, M. and Namai, T. : Occurrences of Gray Mold, Sclerotinia Rot and Leaf Rot on Small Globe Thistle 112

Ochi, A. and Sugawara, K. : Occurrence of Alternaria Leaf Spot on Small Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro) Caused by Alternaria alternate 118

Takahashi, C., Yamamura, M. and Tsukiboshi, T. : Gray Mold, a New Disease of Chicory Caused by Botrytis cinerea in Japan 122

Akahira, T., Yamamoto, S. and Yukita, K. : Investigation of Damage to Apple Fruit Caused by Hail Occurring in September, 2008 in Aomori Prefecture 126

Nekoduka, S. : Residual Activity of Fungicides Applied at the End of August to Control Sooty Blotch (Gloeodes pomigena) on Apple Fruit 130

Ito, D. and Fujita, T. : Trials for Organic Apple Cultivation Using Substituted Control Materials 1. Disease Occurrence in Five Years after Transition 134

Honda, H. and Hirasawa, H. : Developing Common Spray Schedules for Pest Control with Combination of Pesticides and Fungicides under Mixed Conditions of Apple and Pear Orchards 1. Screening of Fungicides and Examining Efficacy of Spray Schedules for Control of Pear Ring Rot Caused by Botryosphaeria berengeriana 139

Kanno, E., Fujita, T. and Ogata, T. : Residual Effects of Various Fungicides on Phomopsis Rot Caused by Phomopsis sp. 144

Sato, Y., Sato, G. and Uemura, D. : Sensitivity of Nectria cinnabarina, Pathogen Causing Japanese Pear Coral Spot Isolated in Akita Prefecture, to Benomyl 148

Kan, H. and Saito, M. : Relationship between Abundance of Pecky Rice Bug and Pecky Rice Damag in Iwate Prefecture 151

Yokota, H., Terata, M., Chiba, K. and Suzuki, T. : Timing of Control of Sorghum Plant Bug Stenotus rubrovittatus by Regional Cooperative Control 155

Kashin, J. : Optimum Time for Chemical Control of Sorghum Plant Bug Stenotus rubrovittatus (Hemiptera: Miridae) in Scirpus juncoides Roxb. var. ohwianus-Infested Rice Fields 159

Kawasaki, T., Yoshimura, T. and Domon. K. : Occurrence of Sorghum Plant Bug Stenotus rubrovittatus in Recent Years in Yamagata Prefecture 163

Sakurai, T. and Sakakibara, M. : Effect of rice ripening stage on occurrence of white spots in rice grains caused by Trigonotylus caelestialium and Stenotus rubrovittatus 167

Yoshimura, T.and Ochi, A. : Occurrence of White Spots in Rice Caused by Rice Leaf Bug Trigonotylus caelestialium 170

Takahashi, Y. Kikuchi, H. and Niiyama, T. : Control Effect of Some Insecticides and Resistance to Fipronil in Rice Leaf Beetle Oulema oryzae in Akita Prefecture 174

Arakawa, A., Mitamura, T., Tairako, K. Matsuki N. and Nakamura, A. : Improvement of Underwater Light Traps for Biodiversity Investigation in Paddy Fields 177

Kimura, Y. and Ishitani, M. : Effective Control of Soybean Pod Borer Leguminivora glycinivorella Using Synthetic Pyrethroids 180

Ono, T. : Recent Occurrence of Soybean Seed Insect Pests in Northern Area of Miyagi Prefecture 186

Kashin, J., Hatanaka, N. and Ohba, A. : Seasonal Prevalence of Two-Striped Leaf Beetle Medythia nigrobilineata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and Seed Damage on Soybean in Miyagi Prefecture 189

Nakamura, T. and Niiyama, T. : Overwintering of Bean Webworm, Pleuroptya ruralis in Akita Prefecture 193

Mitamura, T. and Matsuki, N. : Pheromone Trap Catches of Bean Webworm Pleuroptya ruralis (Lepidoptera,: Crambidae) in Soybean Fields and Colonies of Boehmeria silvestri 196

Todai, T. : Control of Soybean Cyst Nematode Race 1 by Application of Oxamyl to Susceptible Soybean Cultivar or Resistant Soybean Cultivar from "Gedenshirazu" 199

Takezawa, Y. and Iwasaki, A. : Residual Activities and Optimal Timing of Application of Several Insect Growth Regulators on Cabbage Armyworm Mamestra brassicae in Sugar Beet 204

Masuda, T. : Effects of Living Mulch on Oviposition of Small White Pieris rapae crurcivora and Occurrence of Insect Pests in Cabbage Field 208

Yamada, K., Aiuchi, D., Masuda, T. Yamanaka, S. and Koike, M. : Pathogenicity of Hybrid Strains of Entomopathogenic Fungi Lecanicillium spp. against Diamondback Moth 212

Hashimoto, N. : Effect of Insecticides Against Adults of Phyllotreta striolata (ColeopteraFChrysomelidae) on Brassica rapa var. chinensis 216

Matsuda, M., Shindo, J. and Kitano, N. : Occurrence of Onion Thrips Thrips tabaci in Welsh-Onion Fields in East of Aomori Prefecture 220

Miyake, N., Yoshida, S. and Nakao, H. : Occurrence of Beet Webworm Margaritia sticticalis (Lepidoptera, Crambidae) in Hokkaido Prefecture in 2008, with Special Reference to Crop Damage and Observed Localities 223

Miyata, M. : Efficient Use of Reflective Materials to Control Thrips and Aphids on Greenhouse Strawberry 227

Hashimoto, Y. : Examination of Timing of Control of Tetranychus kanzawai on Melon in Greenhouse Using Neoseiulus californicus with Monitoring Plant 231

Sakuma, H., Satou, M., Nakamura, A. and Arakawa, A. : Control Effect of Vacuum Treatment on Cotton Aphids (Aphis gossypii Glover) on Strawberry Nursery Plants 235

Arai, T., Takanashi, M., Ihara, F. and Mochizuki, F. : Emergence of Adult Male Grapholita dimorpha and Periods of Infestation of Apple Orchards in Central Iwate Prefecture, Japan 238

Arai, T., Takanashi, M. and Ihara, F. : Prediction of Oviposition Period of Fruit-Damaging Grapholita dimorpha in Central Iwate Prefecture, Japan 245

Takanashi, M., Haji, T., Adachi, Y., Arai, T., Ihara, F. and Mochizuki, F. : Occurrence and Host Plants of Grapholita dimorpha (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Central Areas of Iwate Prefecture 253

Arai, T., Ihara, F., Toyoshima, S. and Yaginuma, K. : Oviposition of Carposina sasakii on Four Types of Napped Paper 259

Ishiguri, Y. : Verification of Efficacy of Petroleum Oil Application at Tight Cluster Stage of Apple against European Red Mite Panonychus ulmi 262

Ito, D. : Trials of Organic Apple Cultivation Using Substituted Control Materials 2. Pest Occurrence in Five Years after Transition 266

Kimura, Y. and Kushita, T. : Effect of Buprofezin on San Jose Scale Diaspidiotus perniciosus at Prebloom Stage of Apple Trees 270

Takanashi, M., Toyoshima, S., Ono, H., Tamura, H. Ohta, T. and Kanamitsu, M. : Influence of Weeding Using Burner around Trunks on the Population Density of Two-spotted Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae on the Apple Trees 274

Sugahara, S., Hirasawa, H., Takabe, M., Abe, A. and Itou, S. : Occurrence of Cossus insularis (Staudinger) in Apple Orchards in Yamagata Prefecture 277