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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.55 (2004)


KONNO, K.: Recent Topics on Anti-Herbivore Defense Mechanisms of Plants and Counter-Adaptation Mechanisms of Herbivorous Insects: Molecular Mechanisms of Time-and Site-Specific Plant Defenses and Insect Adaptations 1

IWADATE, Y., CHIBA, K., SASAKI, N. and TOMINAGA, T.: Outbreak of Rice Panicle Blast Disease in Iwate Prefecture in 2003 and Effect of Its Suppression Using Blasticides 11

MONMA, Y., KANAGAWA, M. and SASAHARA, M.: Outbreak of Rice Blast Disease and Its Causal Factors in Miyagi Prefecture in 2003 16

HATAYA, M., SASAHARA, M., MIKAMI, A. and OHBA, A.: A Possible Role of Blast Lesions on Spikelets as Major Inoculum Source in the 2003 Neck Blast Epidemic of Rice in Miyagi Prefecture 20

SASAHARA, M., MIKAMI, A., OHBA, A., HATAYA, M. and MONMA, Y.: Analysis of Infection Source Based on Distribution of Rice Blast Diseased Plant in Paddy Field and Effect of Nursery Control on Leaf Blast Disease Occurrence in Paddy Field 24

MIKAMI, A. and OYAMA, J.: Influences of Seed Disinfectant and Hot-Water-Seed-Treatment on the Germination of Split-Hull-Paddy 29

FUKUDA, H., MATSUHASHI, M., SATO, K. and FUKAYA, T.: The 2003 Outbreak of Rice Panicle Blast in Akita Prefecture and Its Major Cause 32

KATO, M., FUKAYA, T., KUDO, M. and MIURA, T.: Reduction in Fungicide Use for Rice Panicle Blast Control by Eliminating Diseased Seedlings and Infected Rice Straw over a Wide Area 37

YOSHIMURA, T., KAWASAKI, T., KATOH, T. and DOMON, K.: Quantitative and Qualitative Yield Losses of Rice Cultivar 'Haenuki' Due to Panicle Blast 40

HAYASAKA, T.: Effect of Seed Selection with Gravity Separators on Rice Seeds in Propagation Farms 43

WATANABE, S. and KAWASHIMA, T.: Effectiveness of Granular Fungicides Applied Using Uniform spreader to Control Blast 45

OGASAWARA, K., YORITOMI, T., IWATANI, M., MORIMOTO, T., YOSHINO, R. and INOUE, T.: Efficacy of Thiamethoxam Pyroquilon Seedling Box Granule against Rice Blast 49

IMAZEKI, M., KOIZUMI, S., YASUDA, N., INOUE, I. and MIYASAKA, A.: Suppression of Fusarium Head Blight Diseases of Wheat Using Nonpathogenic Microorganisms 54

OHTO, Y. and ISHIGURO, K.: Inferrence of Periods for Production of Viruliferous Resting Spores of Polymyxa graminis Containing Wheat Yellow Mosaic Virus in Fields 59

KOMATSU, T., FUJIKURA, J. and HORITA, H.: Screening Method for the Evaluation of the Resistance to Bacterial Soft Rot in Japanese Radish Cultivars 64

IKEDA, S.: Dispersal of Spores of Cercospora beticola in Sugar Beet Fields under Different Cultivation Conditions YASUOKA, s.: Assessment of Welsh Onion Yield Loss and Quality Reduction Caused by Downy Mildew 72

FUJII, N., SAYAMA, A., FUKAYA, T. and HINO, S.: Inhibition Technique of Bacterial Soft Rot in Asparagus by Soaking with Acidic Electrolyzed Water 75

SUGAWARA, K. and CHIKUO, Y.: Occurrences of Anthracnose on Rock Isotome and Verbena MISAWA, T.: A Field Survey of Crown Gall of Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) Caused by Agrobacterium vitis in Hokkaido 82

MISAWA, T.: Infection and Disease Development of Crown Gall in Pathogen-Free Grapevine Seedlings Replanted in Infested Vineyard FUKUI, Y., GOTOH, S., NOZAKI, Y. and YAMASHITA, K.: Detection of Causal Viruses of Apple Topworking Disease in Ornamental Malus plants by RT-PCR 87

SEKINE, T., TUJI, H., SEO, N., KIKUCHI, H. and IKEDA, H.:Possible Reduction in Fungicide Application Frequency in Apple Production Using Rain Cut House 90

KANNO, E. and OGATA, T.: Ascospore Dissemination of Apple Blotch (Diplocarpon mali) and Optimal Timing of Fungicide Application in Fukushima Prefecture 95

SATO, Y. and FuKAYA, M.: Screening of Fungicides for Control of Sweet Cherry Black Spot Caused by Alternaria sp. 99

OGASAWARA, H. and ARM, S.: Occurrence of Black Spot in European Pear 'General Leclerc' Caused by Alternaria alternata (Fries: Fries) Keissler 101

ISHIOKA, M., KIMURA, T. and ICHITA, T.: Annual Fluctuations of Insecticide Susceptibility of the Rice Grasshopper (Oxya yezoensis) in Aomori Prefecture 105

KAKIZAKI, M.: Investigation on the Occurrences of the Sorghum Plant Bug, Stenotus rubrovittatus (Matsumura), in the Gramineous Forage Grass Fields of Southern Hokkaido in 2003 110

IIMURA, S.: Diapause of Sorghum Plant Bug, Stenotus rubrovittatus Matsumura (Hemiptera: Miridae), in Iwate Prefecture 113

IIMURA, S., SAITOH, Y. and GOTOH, J.: Seasonal Occurrence of Sorghum Plant Bug, stenotus rubrovittatus Matsumura (Hemiptera: Miridae), in Iwate Prefecture 117

OHBA, A. and ONO, T.: Influence of Hull-Cracked Rice Caused by Cold Summer Condition on the Infestation by Pecky Rice Bugs 122

KANAGAWA, M., IMAZEKI, M. and MOMMA, Y.: Occurrence of Pecky Rice in Miyagi Prefecture and Its Factor 125

MONMA, Y. and KIKUCHI, A.: The Development and Preference of the Rice Leaf Bug, Trigonotylus caelestialium (Kirkaldy) (Heteroptera: Miridae), for Ground Cover Plants 128

NIIYAMA, T. and ITOYAMA, K.: Effects of Neonicotinoid on the Control of the Rice Leaf Bug, Trigonotylus caelestialium (Heteroptera: Miridae) 131

ITO, K.: A Possible Cause of Recent Outbreaks of Rice-Ear Bugs-Changes in the Use of Paddy Field 134

KIKUCHI, A., ISHIOKA, M. and KOBAYASHI, T.: Effect of Some Factors on Flight Activity of Trigonotylus caelestialium (Kirkaldy) (Heteroptera: Miridae) I . Effect of Age 140

ISHIOKA, M., KIKUCHI, A. and KOBAYASHI, T.: Effect of Some Factors on Flight Activity of Trigonotylus caelestialium (Kirkaldy) (Heteroptera: Miridae) II . Effect of Temperature 143

KOBAYASHI, T. and KIKUCHI, A.: Population Estimation of the Rice Leaf Bug, Trigonotylus caelestialium (Kirkaldy), with Mark and Recapture Methods 146

KIKUCHI, A. and KOBAYASHI, T.: Growth and Oviposition of the Rice Leaf Bug, Trigonotylus caelestialium (Kirkaldy) (Heteroptera: Miridae), on Gramineous Weeds and Italian Rye Grass 149

HASHIMOTO, Y.: Control Threshold of Rice Green Caterpillar, Naranga aenescens Moore, in Hokkaido I . Damage Analysis of Rice Plants Injured Artificially by Leaf Cutting and Control Threshold 155

HASHIMOTO, Y.: Control Threshold of Rice Green Caterpillar, Naranga aenescens Moore, in Hokkaido II . Monitoring Method of Rice Green Caterpillar in Paddy Field 160

KIKUCHI, A., NAKAJIMA, T. and KOBAYASHI, T.: Damage Caused by Rice Water Weevil, Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), and Its Control in Direct Sowing of Rice Using Multiple Seed Pellets 163

UENO, K. and ABE, O.: Control System by Nursery Box Application with Long Residual Pesticides in Paddy Rice 167

OYAMA, J. and KIDOKORO, T.: Influences of Water Control and Application of Rice Bran on Density of Japanese Tree Frog, Hyla japonica, Larvae and Spiders in Paddy Field 173

ONO, T., KIDOKORO, T. and OYAMA. J,: Experimental Analysis of Predation Volume of Green Rice Leafhopper by the Japanese Tree Frog and the Tokyo Daruma Pond Frog 176

ONO, T., KIDOKORO, T., OYAMA, J. and OHBA, A.: Effect of Parasitic Wasp, Aphidius gifuensis, on the Occurrence of Foxglobe Aphid, Aulacorthum solani, in Soybean 180

KAKIZAKI, M.: Intensification of Cold Tolerance in the Western Flower Thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) (Thysanoptera: Tkipidae), Collected from Unheated Plastic Film Greenhouse in Winter INOUE, T., SAKURAI, T. and SAKAI, J.: Characteristics of Tomato spotted wilt virus Isolates from Aomori and Iwate Prefectures 190

SAKURAI, T.: Difference among Several Petunia Cultivars in Susceptibility to Tomato spotted wilt virus Infection Determined by Inoculation with Frankliniella occidentalis Transmitters 194

SASAKI, M. and NAKAMURA, A.: Physical Control of Major Insect Pests and Effect of Near-Ultraviolet-Absorbing Vinyl Film on Parasitism of Encarsia formosa Gahan (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) in Tomatoes 197

MIZUKOSHI, T.: Occurrence of Resistance Breaking Population of Meloidogyne incognita (Tylenchida: Meloidogynidae) on Greenhouse Tomato in Hokkaido 202

NAKAMURA, A. and SASAKI, M.: Effects of Acaricides on Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch, Collected from Cucumber in Fukushima Prefecture 201

NODA, T., TAKASHINO, K. and HONDA, K.: Analysis of Annual Fluctuation of Plutella xylostella Occurrence from Summer to Autumn in Morioka, North Japan Using a Sex Pheromone Trap 211

SAKAKIBARA, M. and TAKASHINO, K.: A Breeding Trial of Lettuce-Feeding Diamondback Moth Strain 216

KAKIZAKI, M.: Control Effect of the Stripe Flea Beetle, Phyllotreta striolata (Fabricius), by Application of the Entomopathogenic Nematode, Steinernema carpocapsae, on a Japanese Radish 221

MIYATA, M. and MASUDA, T.: Effects of Some Natural Enemies of Thrips on Strawberry 226

MIZUKOSHI, T. and GOTO, M.: Control of Cyclamen Mite, Steneotarsonemus pallidus (Banks) (Acarina: Tarsonemidae), by Pouring of Hot Water on Strawberry 232

IWASAKI, A.: Effect of Insecticides on Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in Hokkaido 236

IWASAKI, A.: Effects of Short Photoperiod on Cold Hardiness and Pupal Period of the Pea Leafminer, Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) 240

OIKAWA, K., MATSUDA, M., NARITA, O., SATOH, M. and FUJMURA, T.: Distribution of Yam Leafminers (Acrolepiopsis spp.) Feeding on Chinese Yam and Its Relatives in Aomori Prefecture 241

ISHIGURI, Y.: Changes in the Phenology of the Summer Fruit Tortrix, Adoxophyes orana fasciata, from 1980-2002 in Apple Orchards in Aomori Prefecture 247

OKAZAKI, K. and ARAKAWA, A.: Effect of Granulosis Virus (GV) on the Control of Two Leafrollers (Summer Fruit Tortrix, Adoxophyes orana fasciata, and Tea Tortrix, Homona magnanima) in Apple Orchard 252

KONGO, K. and FUNAYAMA, K.: Phytoseiid Mites on Apple Trees in Southern Akita 256

MOCHIZUKI, M., KIMURA, Y. and MOCHIZUKI, A.: Environmental Risk Assessment of Exotic Phytoseiid Mites on Native Phytoseiid Mite Species at the Aomori Apple Experiment Station 259

ARAKAWA, A. and OKAZAKI, K.: Control of Cherry Treeborer, Synanthedon hector, by Steinernema carpocapsae in Peach Orchards 262

KAWAHARA, s. and OKU, T,: Discovery of the Larch Cone Moth, Retinia perangustana (Snellen) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), in Hokkaido 264