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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.51 (2000)

KAWABE, S. : The difficulties and pleasures in studies on the rice resistance to the green rice leafhopper 1

HAYASAKA, T. : Effect of Seed Disinfection with Fungicide on Pyricularia oryzae in Brown Rice 9

FUKAYA, T., SAYAMA, A. and FUJII, N. : Control of Rice Leaf Blast by Side Dressing with Probenazole Water Dispersible Granule 12

OYAMA, J. : Effect of Application Time of Metominostrobin Granule on Rice Blast Control 15

KOIZUMI, S., ZENBAYASHI, K., ASHIZAWA, T., FUJI, S. and HAYASHI, N. : Conditions Necessary for Simple Evaluation of Field Resistance to Panicle Blast in Rice Cultivars Using Spray-Inoculated Cut Panicles 18

ZENBAYASHI, K., ASHIZAWA, T. and KOIZUMI, S. : A Method for Evaluating Partial Resistance to Leaf Blast in the Rice Cultivar Chubu 32 in the Greenhouse 23

EIZUKA, T. and CHIDA, T. : Effect of Fthalide on Secondary Infection of Rice Blast 26

HAYASHI, K., OYAMA, J. and KIDOKORO, T. : Hot-Water Treatment of Rice Seeds to Control Bacterial Seedling Blight 31

SAITO, M., ISHIKAWA, T. and KOMATSU, T. : Chemical Control of Soybean Downy Mildew Based on the Action Threshold 33

FURUKAWA, K. : Relationship between Diseased Rate of Dwarf and Soybean Yield 37

FUJINE, O., KONDO, N., KOBAYASHI, K. and OGOSHI, A. : Phytotoxic Activity of the Spore Germination Fluid of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. adzukicola on the Adzuki Bean 40

MIKOSHIBA, Y. and HONDA, K. : Detection of Soybean dwarf virus in Aphids by TAS-ELISA Using Monoclonal Antibodies 44

TAIRAKO, K., FUJITA, Y., ITO, S. and TAKIKAWA, Y. : Pathogen and Causative Factor of the 'Melt Symptom' on Chinese Chive, Allium tuberosum Rottler, in the Market 1. Bacterial Rot of Chinese Chive Caused by Pseudomonas marginalis, the Melt Symptom Pathogen 47

FUJITA, Y. and TAIRAKO, K. : Pathogen and Causative Factors of the 'Melt Symptom' on Chinese Chive, Allium tuberosum Rottler, in the Market 2. 'Melt Symptom' Causing Factors 51

SAYAMA, A. : Occurrence of Damping-Off Disease Caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG 2-2-IIIB on Cabbage Plug Seedlings 54

KATSUBE, K. and ITO, H. : A Simple Method for Evaluating Fusarium oxysporum Isolates Obtained from Spinach for Pathogenicity to the Plant 58

SHIBATA, S., HORIUCHI, S., SATOU, M. and YAMAUCHI, N. : Stemphylium vesicarium, Another Causal Agent of Leaf Blight of Welsh Onion in Japan 62

YAMAUCHI, N. and HORIUCHI, S. : A Procedure of Drip Inoculation for the Evaluating Lettuce Cultivars for Resistance to Root Rot 66

KATOH, T. and KIKUCHI, S. : Studies on the Occurrence and Control of Watermelon Bacterial Fruit Blotch 1. Selection of Effective Chemicals and Application Timing of Copperic Bactericide 70

SAYAMA, M., HOMMA, Y. and TAKENAKA, S. : Effect of Wild Oats and Sugar Beet Cultivar Cultivation on the Population of Polymyxa betae as a Fungal Vector of Rhizomania Disease of Sugar Beets in Infested Soil 73

YAMAUCHI, N. and HORIUCHI, S. : Bottom Rot of Endive Caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn 77

HORIUCHI, S., SATOU, M. and YAMAUCHI, N. : Pathogenicity of Verticillium dahliae Isolates to Strawberry Cultivars 80

MISAWA, T., MUKOUHARA, M., TAKEUCHI, T. and HAGITA, T. : Detection of Potato virus Y Necrotic Strain in Potato Plants by Rapid Immunofilter Paper Assay 83

SATO, M., HATAYA, T. and IWASAKI, M. : Detection of Four Viruses in Dormant Potato Tubers by RT-PCR 87

SATO, M., GOTO, T. and HONDA, Y. : Tomato ringspot virus Isolated from Potato and Petunia Plants 93

HAGITA, T., SASAKI, J. and MUKOHARA, M. : Lily virus X Isolated from Necrosis of the Edible Lily, Lilium leichtlinii var. maximowiczii Baker 98

YAMAMOTO, H. and FUJI, S. : First Occurrence of Tomato spotted wilt virus in Akita Prefecture 104

SUGIYAMA, S., IZUMI, K., MATSUDA, M. and TSUSHIMA, Y. : Powdery Mildew on Perennial Statice (Limonium spp.) in Aomori Prefecture and its Effective Fungicides 107

OSADA, S., TANAKA, M. and MATUDA, I. : Statice Witches' Broom Disease Caused by Phytoplasma in Miyagi Prefecture 111

ABE, O., SATO, T., GOTO, S., SATO, J. and SHINOHARA, H. : Occurrence of Bacterial Scab on Freesia in Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture 115

SUGAWARA, K., CHIKUO, Y., HAGIWARA, H. and IZUTU, S. : Occurrence of Gray Mold Caused by Botrytis cinerea on Osteospermum, Yellow Cosmos and Swamp Chrysanthemum 119

FUJI, S. and YAMAMOTO, H. : Occurrence of Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) in Akita Prefecture 122

ASARI, M. : Overwintering and Conidial Formation of Bitter Rot Fungus in Apple Trees 126

HOSHI, N. and NAKATANI, F. : Susceptibility of Mature Leaves of Apple Varieties to Apple Blotch Disease Caused by Diplocarpon mali 129

YUKITA, K., KURADATE, K. and AKAHIRA, T. : Residual and Eradicant Activity of Fungicides against Apple Sooty Blotch Caused by Gloeodes pomigena 133

KATSUMATA, H., OGATA, T. and MATSUMOTO, N. : Population Structure of Helicobasidium mompa in Apple Orchards in Nakadori, Fukushima 137

OGATA, T. and KANNO, E. : Application Period and Selection of Effective Chemicals for the Japanese Pear Scab Control in Autumn 141

KIDOKORO, T. and HAYASHI, K. : Control of Rice Grasshopper, Oxya yezoensis Shiraki, by Marginal Transplantation of Rice Seedlings Treated with Systemic Insecticide 144

KONNO, Y. : Color Polymorphism and Insecticide Susceptibility in the Female Rice Grasshopper, Oxya yezoensis (Orthoptera : Acrididae) 146

TAKITA, M., NAGAMINE, J., TAKEDA, T. and SUGIE, H. : Males Attraction in Adult and Nymphs of Eysarcoris lewisi Distant (Heteroptera : Pentatomidae) 148

FUJITA, S., GENBA, T., TAKEUCHI, M. and ENDOU, A. : Rice Plant Damage by Leptocorisa chinensis in Fukushima Prefecture 151

ITO, K. : Rearing of the Rice Leaf Bug, Trigonotylus caelestialium (Kirkaldy) (Heteroptera : Miridae) , Using Wheat Seedlings 155

ISHIOKA, M., KIMURA, T. and KIMURA, Y. : Pecky Rice Damage in 1999 Caused by Rice-Feeding Bugs in Aomori Prefecture 2. Influence of Meteorological Factors on Outbreaks of the Rice Leaf Bug (Trigonotylus caelestialium Kirkaldy) , and Characteristics of Damaged Rice Grains 158

GOTO, J., ITO, Y. and SHISHIDO, M. : Relationship between Barm Grass in Rice Paddies and Spotted Rice Caused by Stenotus rubrouittatus (Matsumura) 162

TAKADA, M., TANAKA, H. and CHIBA, T. : Occurrence of the Spotted Rice in Iwate Prefecture in 1999 165

TANAKA, H., TAKADA, M. and CHIBA, T. : Studies on Forecasting of Pecky Rice in Iwate Prefecture 170

NIIYAMA, T. and IITOMI, A. : Distribution of Hull-Cracked and Pecky Rice in a Paddy 175

IITOMI, A. : Abdominal Appearance Correlated with Ovarian Development of the White-Backed Planthopper, Sogatella frurcifera Horvath (Hemiptera, Delphasidae) 178

UENO, K., KANBAYASHI, Y. and KONISHI, K. : Hymenopterous Parasitoids of the Rice Leaf Beetle, Oulema oryzae (Kuwayama), in Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture 181

IWASAKI, A. : Seasonal Occurrence of the Wheat Leaf Sheath Miner, Cerodontha (Cerodontha) denticornis (Panzer) (Diptera : Agromyzidae), and Damage Caused to Spring Wheat 184

KIDOKORO, T. : Optimal Timing in Simultaneous Control of Three Major Soy Bean Seed Pests 187

IWASAKI, A. : Effect of Insecticides on the European Tarnished Plant Bug, Liygus rugulipennis Poppius (Heteroptera, Miridae) Part 1 Release Experiment on Plants Treated with Insecticides 190

SAITO, O. and NAKATA, T. : Appearance of the Silver Y Moth, Autographa gamma (L.), in Primorye, Russia 194

TSUKIJI, K., Hatalane Zseller lbolya and CHIBA, T. : Whitefly Control by Encarsia formosa Gahan in the Greenhouse Tomato 197

MASUDA, T. : Leaf-Mold Trap Attractiveness to the Larvae Cupreous Chafer, Anomala cuprea (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae) , and the Role of the Antenna for Food Searching Behavior 201

KAKIZAKI, M. : Supercooling Points of Female Adults and Larvae in the Black Vine Weevil (Otiorhychus sulcatus (Fabricius))(Coleoptera : Curculionidae) 205

KAKIZAKI, M. : Observation on Attraction to Plants Using Y-Tube Olfactometer of Female Adults of the Black Vine Weevil(Otiorhychus sulcatus Fabricius))(Coleoptera : Curculionidae) 208

SUZUKI, T. : Life Table of the Diamondback Moth, Plutella xylostella (L), in the Summer Cabbage in Kitakami City 210

TAKAHASHI, R., SHIMAZU, M. and YUKI, S. : Virulence of an Entomogenous Fungus, Beauveria bassiana, to Larvae of Plutella xylostella L. and its Field Applications 213

KIMPARA, S. and KIKUCHI, O. : Parasitism of Aphis fabae fabae Scopoli (Homoptera : Aphididae) on Spinacia oleracea L. 217

NAKAO, H. : Chemical Control of Tyrophagus similis Volgin 219

NAKAO, H., TOGAWA, H. and SHOJI, N. : Susceptibility of Tyrophagus similis Volgin 223

MIZUKOSHI, T. : Damage of Carabid Beetles to Spring Seeding Radish in Central Oshima, Hokkaido IV. Toxic Effect of Four Foliar Spray Insecticides against Three Species of Carabid Beetle Adults 227

MIZUKOSHI, T. : Damage by Three Pest Species, Amara (Amara) chalcites, Phyllotreta striolata, and Delta platura, to the Roots of the Japanese Radish, Raphanus satiuus, in Hokkaido 231

OKUBO, T. : Seasonal Occurrence of Adult Yellow Striped Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta striolata (Fabricius) ) Possessing Mature Eggs in Hokkaido Prefecture 234

IWASAKI, A. and WADA, Y. : Occurrence of Pyrethroid-Resistant Populations of the Cotton Aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover (Homoptera : Aphididae) , on the Potato in Abashiri, Hokkaido 238

KIKUCHI, O. : Seasonal Form Variation in Apterous Viviparous Females of Macrosiphoniella yomogicola (Matsumura) 242

UMETSU, Y., MOCHIZUKI, M. and YANO, E. : Developmental Times and Predatory Potential of Amblyseius californicus at High Temperature 245

OKAZAKI, K., ARAKAWA, A. and SATO, R. : Control of Major Lepidopterous Insect Pests by the Multiple Mating Disruptor in Apple Orchards 1. Disruption of Z11-TDA in the Summerfruit Tortrix Moth, Adoxophyes orana fasciata 248

OKAZAKI, K., ARAKAWA, A. and SATO, R. : Control of Major Lepidopterous Insect Pests by the Multiple Mating Disruptor in Apple Orchards 2. Control of the Summerfruit Tortrix Moth, Adoxophyes orana fasciata by Communication Disruption and Reducing Insecticides Use 251

OKAZAKI, K., ARAKAWA, A. and SATO, R. : Control of Major Lepidopterous Insect Pests by the Multiple Mating Disruptor in Apple Orchards 3. Parasitoids of the Summerfruit Tortrix Moth, Adoxophyes orana fasciata and Annual Fluctuation 254

FUNAYAMA, K. : Optimum Application of Acaricide in the Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari : Tetranychidae) , in Apple Orchards Monitored by Simple Counting I Influence of Susceptibility to Acaricide on Control in the Two-Spotted Spider Mite 256

SASAKI, M. and ITO, K. : Effect of a Capsule Type "Acephate" to Ponticulothrips diospyrosi Haga et Okajima (Thysanoptera : Phlaeothripidae) 261

HANZAWA, K., SASAKI, M. and NOGI, T. : Application of Capsule ''Acephate" to the Japanese Persimmon and Pesticide Residues in the Fruit cv. Aizu-mishirazu 263

ARAKAWA, A. and OKAZAKI, K. : The Peach Leafminer, Lyonetia clerkella (Linnaeus) on Cherry Trees and its Hymenopterous Parasitoids 266

KUNII, M. and MASUDA, T. : Biological Control of the Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae, on the Sweet Cherry Cultivated in Greenhouses by the Predacious Phytoseiid Mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis 268

KON, E., CHIBA, T. and SUZUKI, K. : Morphologica1 Observations of the High-Density Population of the Rice Grasshopper, Oxya yezoensis (Orthoptera : Catantopidae) , in Iwate Prefecture Pastureland 271

TORIKURA, H. : Peculiar Flight Behavior of the Male Chafer, Mimela testaceipes Motsch., in Grasslands 275

MOMOTA, Y. and MIZUKOSHI, T. : Occurrence and Damage of the Clover Cyst Nematode, Heterodera trifolii Goffart, on Greenhouse Carnations in Hokkaido 278

MIZUKOSHI, T. : Geographical Distribution of the Clover Cyst Nematode, Heterodera trifolii and Root-Lesion Nematode, Pratylenchus spp., on White Clover in Hokkaido Pastures 282

KOSHIHARA, T. : Historical Research on Rice Insect Pests of the Ou District in Edo-Era Japan (2) 285