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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.48 (1997)

KIRITANI, K. : Relationship between IPM and Environment 1

ONO, K. : Function of Method on Scientific Researches 4

TAKEUCHI, T. : Yield Loss Threshold of Rice Blast Disease in Hokkaido 7

TAKEUCHI, T. : An Alternative Fungicide Application Program in Hokkaido for Rice Blast Disease with Monitoring Leaf Blast Epidemic 12

NEMOTO, K., TOJYO, H., GENBA, T., ENDO, Y. and NAKAJIMA, T. : Occurrence of Rice Blast Disease in Fukushima Prefecture in 1995 16

TAKEUCHI, T. : Relationship between Nitrogen and Silicic Nutrition and Susceptibility to Blast Disease in Rice Plant 23

NEMOTO, F., NAKAJIMA, T. and NEMOTO, K. : Effects of Several Fungicides on Lesion Development of Rice Leaf Blast 27

ASHIZAWA, T., SONODA, R., SAITO, H. and KOGA, H. : Distribution of Pathogenic Races of Pyricularia Oryzae in Hokkaido and Tohoku District in 1994 30

ASHIZAWA, T., KINOTA, M., SONODA, R. and ZENBAYASHI, K. : Distribution of Pathogenic Races of Pyricularia Oryzae in Nanbu Region of Aomori Prefecture in 1995 and 1996 33

ZENBAYASHI, K., ASHIZAWA, T. and SONODA, R. : Cytological Reaction of Epidermal Cells to Pyricularia oryzae Cav. on Rice Cultivars Differing in Field Resistance 36

SONODA, R., ASHIZAWA, T., KOGA, H. and SAITO, H. : Estimation of Infection Period of Rice False Smut in Field 39

KATSUBE, K. and TAKEDA, S. : Suppression of Bacterial Seedling Rot and Bacterial Seedling Blight of Rice on the Pool Nursery 43

HAYASHI, K., OYAMA, J., KIKUTA, A. and FUJII, K. : The Pool-nursery, as a Counter-measure of Rice Bacterial Seedling Blight 47

KAJINO, Y. : Occurrence of Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf in the Kamikawa District of Hokkaido 50

SOUMA, J., ABE, H. and YANAGISAWA, A. : Relationship between Severity of Scab on Wheat Heads and Damage to Kernels in Screening for Resistance to Scab in Winter Wheat 55

TAKAHASHI, K., NAKAO, T., OHARA, A. and UMEMURA, Y. : Influence of Potato Varieties, Streptomyces Species, Soil pH and Soil Moisture on Lesion Types of Potato Common Scab 59

TAKAHASHI, K., SATO, N., NAKAO, T., OHARA, A. and UMEMURA, Y. : Effects of Lesion Types of Potato Common Scab on Efficiency of Peeling Process and Quantity of Inoculum Source 63

MAEDA, M., WATANABE, S., TERADA, E., YASUOKA, S., TANAKA, F. and MINO, Y. : Existence of the Pathogen of Potato Blackleg Disease (Erwinia chrysanthemi) in Potato Tuber 66

NAKAHARA, K., HATAYA, T., KIMUTA, I. and SHIKATA, E. : Reactions of Potato Cultivars in Japan to Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid and Its Gene Diagnosis 69

FURUKAWA, K., EBE, S. and TANAKA, F. : The Outbreak of Bean Yellows of Kidney Bean in the Tokachi District, Hokkaido, 1996 75

NAKAMURA, S. and HONKURA, R. : Characterization of Some Viruses Isolated from Broad Bean in Miyagi Prefecture 80

OHTO, Y. and NAITO, S. : The Relationship between the Growth Stage and Disease Progress of Cylindrocladium Root Rot of Broad Bean 85

ISHIZAKA, N. and TAKAHASHI, K. : Latent Infection of Botrytis cinerea Causing Strawberry Gray Mold 88

TANAKA, T., TAMURA, O. and KODAMA, F. : Occurrence of Fusarium Wilt of Netted Melon Caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis Race 2 in Hokkaido 91

TANAKA, T. and TAMURA, O. : Occurrence of Fusarium Wilt of Netted Melon Caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis Race 1,2y in Hokkaido 96

SUGIYAMA, S. and SANO, T. : The Detection of Cucumber Mosaic Virus Satellite RNA from Melon by Microplate Hybridization 99

FUKUDA, H., SAYAMA, A. and FUKAYA, T. : A Method Using Sweet Pepper Fruits for Isolating Tomato Gray Mold Fungus, Botrytis cinerea, from Diseased Leaves 101

SAYAMA, A. and FUKUDA, H. : Desirable Conditions of Soil Solarization at Plastic-film House in Akita Prefecture for the Control of Soil-borne Diseases of Spinach 103

ABE, H., SHINMURA, A. and AKIMATSU, Y. : Dry Rot of Carrot Occurred in Hokkaido 106

KANNO, H. and OHKUBO, H. : Purple Blotch of Leek (Allium porrum L.) and Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Caused by Alternaria porri 109

LI, S., HATAYA, T., FURUTA, K., HORITA, H., SANO, T. and SHIKATA, E. : Occurrence of Chrysanthemum Stunt Disease in Hokkaido and Detection of Chrysanthemum Stunt Viroid by Electrophoresis and Hybridization 113

ABE, H. : Leaf Spot of Carnation Occurred in Hokkaido 118

ABE, H., SHINMURA, A. and SHIBA, H. : Effects of Several Fungicides on Carnation Leaf Spot Caused by Heterosporium echinulatum in Hokkaido 122

HORITA, H. : Botrytis Rhizome Rot of German Iris Caused by Botrytis convoluta in Hokkaido 126

SATOU, M., IZUTU, S., FUKUMOTO, F. and ISHII, M. : Gray Mold of Pied Gazania Caused by Botrytis cinerea Persoon : Fries 129

ARAYA, J., YOKOYAMA, T., KURADATE, K. and FUJITA, K. : Factors Caused an Outbreak of Apple Fruit Spot in the Nanbu Region, Aomori Prefecture in 1996 131

ASARI, M. : Occurrence of Apple Alternaria Leaf Spot on Young Fruits 134

ASARI, M. : Occurrence of Gray Mold on Apple Leaves 138

YUKITA, K. : Effectiveness of Thiophanate-methyl Oil Paste to Cure Bough Lesions Caused by Valsa ceratospema on Apple Trees 141

SUZAKI, K., YOSHIDA, K. and ITO, T. : Pathogenicity to Apple Branch and Phloridzin Degrading Activity of Valsa ceratosperma Isolated from Some Broad Leaf Trees Including Apple Tree 145

OBA, S., KANNO, H. and KIKUCHI, H. : Chemical Control of the Pear Diseases by the Apple and the Japanese Pear Spray Calendars 148

IITOMI, A., FUKAYA, T. and HOSAKA, M. : Reproduction Probability and Source Populations of White-backed Rice Planthopper, Sogatella furcifera (Horvath) (Hemiptera : Delphacidae) in Akita Prefecture, Japan 152

KAKIZAKI, M. : Simple Rearing Method of the Rice Leaf Bug, Trigonotylus caelestialium (Kirkaldy) (Heteroptera : Miridae), using the Low Spear Grass, Poa annua L. (Gramineae) 156

UENO, K. and HAYASAKA, T. : Control Effect on Mating Disruption of Rice Stem Borer, Chilo suppressalis (Walker) (Lepidoptera : Pyralidae) with Synthetic Pheromones in Paddy Fields 159

OHTOMO, R. and IIMURA, S. : Analysis of Damage of Rice Plant by Rice Leaf Beetle, Oulema oryzae (Kuwayama) (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae), in Iwate Prefecture 164

ISHIGURO, K. : Decrease in Susceptibility of Rice Leaf Beetle, Oulema oryzae (Kuwayama) (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae), to the Propoxur in the Shounai District 168

TORIKURA, H. and IWASAKI, A. : Injury of Bean Seedlings by the Chironomid Larvae of Smittia spp. (Diptera : Chironomidae, Orthocladiinae) 171

NIIYAMA, T. : Sucking Injury to Cucumber Fruits by Foxglove Aphid, Aulacorthum solani (Kaltenbach) (Homoptera : Aphididae) 175

MATSUDA, M.,YAMADA, T., KIMURA, T., ISHITANI, M., KINOTA, M. and KUDO, Y. : Occurrence and Hibernation of the Large White Butterfly, Pieris brassicae Linnaeus, in Aomori Prefecture in 1996 178

WATANABE, K., KIKUCHI, S. and TANAKA, T. : Seasonal Occurrence of Lygocoris (Apolygus) lucorum (Meyer-Dur) (Heteroptera : Miridae) on Artemisia spp. 181

MIZUKOSHI, T. : Severe Damage by the Two Insect Pests, Galerucella nipponensis Laboissiere (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae) and Pentapedilum utonaiprimum Sasa (Diptera : Chironomidae), on Water Shield, Brasenia schreberi J. F. Gmelin, in Hokkaido 184

SATO, R. : Bionomics and Control of Rhopalosiphum insertum (Walker) (Homoptera : Aphididae) on Apple Trees IV. Seasonal Occurrence and Oviposition of Ovipara 187

FUNAYAMA, K. : Monitoring of Simple Counting for Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari : Tetranychidae) in Apple Orchard Using Cohesive Polyurethane and Water-Sensitive Paper 189

SASAKI, M. and SATO, R. : Susceptibility of Amblyseius womersleyi Schicha (cari : Phytoseiidae) to Some Insecticides and Acaricides in Fukushima Prefecture 192

KAKIZAKI, M. : Time of Appearance, Flight and Mating of Adults of the Yellowish Elongate Chafer, Heptophylla picea Motshulsky (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae), in the Central Part of Hokkaido 196

KAKIZAKI, M. : Frequencies of Adult Appearance and Mating, and their Intervals in the Yellowish Elongate Chafer, Heptophylla picea Motshulsky (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae), in the Central Part of Hokkaido 200

SAITO, O. : Distribution of the Silver Y moth, Autographa gamma (L.) (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) and Estimated Life Cycle in Japan 204

HASEGAWA, T. and YAMASHITA, N. : A Survery of Tabanid Flies at Mt. Natsumushi in the Southern Part of Iwate Prefecture 207

AMANO, K. and BOONGIRD, S. : Keeping of the Stingless Bee, Trigona fuscobalteata (Hymenoptera : Apidae) in an Environmentally Enclosed Chamber 210