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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.44 (1993)

OKU, T. : Migratory activity of insects and pest management 1

OHTA, K. and SAITO, H. : A computer simulation model for rice sheath blight disease 6. Effect of disease development on yield losses 6

TAKAHASHI, C. and OSADA, S. : Simultaneous control of rice sheath blight, Rhizoctonia solani KUHN, and brown sclerotium disease, Ceratobasidium setariae Sawada 8

HONKURA, R . and OSADA, S . : The time of chemicals application for control of kernel smut of rice plant 10

OSADA, S . : Effect of several fungicides on the seasonal occurrence of rice sheath spot, caused by Rhizoctonia oryzae RYKER & GOOCH 11

TAKAHASI, C. : Effect of autoclave of nursery bed soil on occurrence of bacterial seedling blight, Pseudomonas plantarii Azegami et al. 14

FURUYA, H., TAKANO, H,. INOUE, S. and MATHUMOTO, T. : Occurrence of the fast-even type and the slow-feathery type of eyespot pathogen, Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides (Fron) Deighton, in japan 16

NAITO, S., YAMAGUCHI, T., SUGIMOTO, T. and HOMMA, Y. : A simple method for the long-time culture storage of Rhizoctonia spp. on barleysfgrains 20

SAYAMA, M. and HOMMA, Y. : Improved methods for detecting and estimating the number of cystsori of Polymyxa betae from infested soil, and for separating the cystsori from infected rootlets of sugar beet 24

TANAKA, F., HORITA, H. and TANII, A. : Occurrence of brown spot of chinese yam, caused by Cylindrocarpon destructans (Zins.) Scholten 28

MITSUEDA, T. and M. J. DA. CHARCHAR : Ecological studies on the stem rot of bean in Cerrado region (Brazil) 31

NAKAJIMA, T., MITSUEDA, T. and M. J. DA. CHARCHAR : Identification of causal fungi of Sclerotinia diseases in Cerrado region in Brazil 36

OHTA, Y., NAKAJIMA, T., NAITO, S., AKASAKA, Y. and NAKATANI, F. : Occurrence of verticillium wilt disease of soybean in Iwate prefecture 39

HORITA, H., SHIRAI, K. and TANAKA, F. : Seed transmission of Cercospora sojina Hara, The causal fungus of frog-eye leaf spot of soybean 41

MIZUKOSHI, T., HASHIMOTO, Y. and HANADA, T. : Effect of foliar application of insecticide in infection period of soybean dwarf virus in kidney beans 43

OKUBO, T. : Control of soybean dwarf disease with foliar application of insectiside in early growing period of soybean 46

OKUBO, T. : A relationship between the number of alate glasshouse-potato aphids on soybean and the incidence of soybean dwarf disease 49

SHIRAKAWA, T., OZAKI, K. and TAKAHASHI, K. : Occurrence of tomato pith necrosis caused by Pseudomonas fluorescens biovarII 53

HONDA, Y., YOSHIDA, K. and GOTO, T. : Control of cucumber mosaic virus by preinoculation with attenuated virus in the fields affected with tomato streak disease 56

OZAKI, K. and TAKAHASHI, K. : Resistance of spinach cultivar to race 4 of Peronospora spinaciae Laubert 59

AKASAKA, Y., TAKEHARA, T., KOMOTO, Y. and KUNIYASU, K. : Recovery of the nitrate-nonutilizing (nit) mutants of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. spinaciae and nonpathoginic F. oxysporum and their reisolation from soil 61

ODASHIMA, S., SHIRAKAWA, T., FUKAYA, T., OZAKI, K., SHINODA, N. and MATHUHASHI, M. : Occurrence of bacterial leaf spot on welsh onion in Akita prefecture 65

OSADA, S., SATO, K., KANNO, H. and HABU, T. : Outbreak of strawberry crown rot, caused by Phytophthora cactorum (Led. & Cohn) Shroet. in Miyagi prefecture 68

HORITA, H. : Occurrence of bacterial leaf spot disease of chrysanthemum incited by Pseudomonas cichorii (Swingle) Stapp in Hokkaido 71

YUKITA, K. : Evaluation of fungicides as protection of hand-thinned fruit pedincles from invation by apple canker 74

OSANAI, M. : Diagnostic symptoms of tree trunk apple canker that became apparent in autumn 77

HIRARAGI, T., SUZUKI, S. and OIKAWA, H. : Insect and pest damages on apple fruit and tree by pesticide-free cultivation 81

OGATA, T. and OCHIAI, M. : Stusies on the forecasting of apple ring rot, Botryosphaeria berengeriana de Notaris f. sp. piricola (Nose) Koganezawa et Sakuma 3. Seasonal changes in the susceptibility of fruit to the apple ring rot fungus 83

ISHIGURO, K. : Analysis of damage to rice by Oxya yezoensis Shiraki II. Effect of feeding on yield during the period before 32 days to heading 86

IITOMI, A. : A simple rice-hill trap for catching the migrants fo Sogatella furcifera 89

FURUKAWA, K., AKIYAMA, Y. and TAKAKURA, S. : Recent occurrence of Anaphes nipponicus Kuwayama to the rice leaf beetle, Oulema oryzae in Hokkaido Prefecture 92

SATO, M., NIIYAMA, T., OHARA, M., TSURUTA, R. and IITOMI, A. : Decrease in susceptibility of rice leaf beetle, Oulema oryzae (Kuwayama), to insecticides in Akita prefecture 95

IIMURA, S. : Control of rice water weevil and rice leaf beetle with packed cycloprothrin scattered into paddy fields 98

MIYATA, M. : The relation between captured number of the hibernated adult of rice water weevil, Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus Kuschel on the border of the field and immigration time and abundance in paddy field 101

SHIBUYA, S. : Control of the rice water weevil, Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus Kuschel, by insecticide application in the marginal zone of paddy fields 2. Control by application of systemic insecticide 103

KOHNO, K. : Comparison of catches of the clik beetle, Melanotus senilis Candeze, by several types of traps 105

KOHNO, K. and MIYAI, S. : Wireworm sampling by baiting technique 107

SAITO, O. : Difference of damage by the seedcorn maggot between farming and soil types in soybean culture 109

TORIKURA, H. : A simple method for estimating the population density of melon aphid in potato field 1. Apterae and immature (Homoptera, Aphididae) 114

TORIKURA, H. : A simple method for estimating the population density of melon aphid in potato field 2. Alate viviparae (Homoptera, Aphididae) 117

TORIKURA, H. : Seasonal prevalence of potato aphids in north-eastern Hokkaido 120

KANEKO, J. : Existence ratio of silver Y moth, Autographa gamma (L.) after overwintering in cabbage field at Sapporo, Japan 124

KAZINO, Y. : The occurrence and damage of lepidopterous pests on summer-planting cabbage in Hokkaido 127

KAZINO, Y. : Economic injury level of lepidopterous pests on summer planting cabbage in Hokkaido 132

NIIYAMA, T., SATO, M. and YOSHIDA, I. : Insecticide susceptibility of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) in Akita Prefecture 135

IWASAKI, A. and KAJINO, Y. : The effect of controlling common white (Pieris rapae crucivora Boisduval) and diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella (L.)) on fresh market cabbage by use of the ultraviolet-reflecting mulch film in central Hokkaido 138

MIZUKOSHI, T., ARIMURA, T. and WATANABE, Y. : Damage of carabid beetles on spring seeding radish in the central region of the Oshima District of Hokkaido I. Aspects of injury 141

MIZUKOSHI, T. : Damage of carabid beetles on spring seeding radish in the central region of the Oshima District of Hokkaido II. Dominant species causing injury 144

MURAI, T. and ISHITANI, M. : Ability of the contacting row cover with nonwovenfabric as physical control against striped flea beetle Filtrate starlight Fabricius on spring seeding turnips 148

ICHITA, Y. and FUJIMURA, T. : Occurrence of dry bulb mite, Aceria tulipae (Keifer), on garlic in Aomori Prefecture and chemical control by seed bulb dipping 151

KIKUCHI, O. and MIYAZAKI, M. : Seasonal prevalence and discovery of the male of Thrips tabaci Lindeman in Miyagi 159

KIKUCHI, O. : Key to some Japanese species of Aphis from the alate forms 161

WATANABE, K. and YUUKI, S. : Forecast of occurrence time of the oriental fruit moth adults, Grapholita molesta (Busck) 164

KANEKO, J. : Change in supercooling point of eggs of aphid, Myzus mumecola (Matsumura), through overwintering period 167

SASAKI, M. and ABE, N. : Occurrence of Drosophila in the cherry orchards (I) Species and the seasonal prevalence obtained by the bait trap 169

MIYATA, M. : Damage to Chrysanthemum by sucking of plant bugs, Lygocoris lucorum Meyer-Dur 172

MIYATA, M. and ONUMA, K. : Control of root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne incognita in cucumber field by cultivation of marigold intercrop 175

SUZUKI, T. : Biological notes and control on Phalonidia rubricana Peyerimhoff 1. Seasonal prevalence and injury pattern on the first generation 178

SUZUKI, T. : Biological notes and control on Phalonidia rubricana Peyerimhoff 2. Seasonal prevalence and injury pattern on the second generation 181

FUJIBAYASHI, Y. and SEKITA, N. : Development and diapause induction of the Kanzawa spider mite, Tetraychus kanzawai 184

FUNAYAMA, K. and TAKAHASHI, Y. : Susceptibility of diapause two-spotted spider mite against acaricides 187

MASUDA, T. : Pathogenicity of Verticillium lecanii to the larvae Bemisia tabaci 189

MASUDA, T. and KIKUCHI, O. : Control of whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporaiorum, by Verticillium lecanii preparation 191

AMANO, K. and HASEGAWA, T. : Rearing method for Musca hervei Vill. (Diptera : Muscidae) : Diets for adults 194

AMANO, K. : Juvenile hormone activity of pyriproxyfen on dung-breeding dipterous species 197

AMANO, K. : Effects of larval density on the development in Orthellia caesarion Meigen (Diptera : Muscidae) 200

HAYAKAWA, H. and YAMASHITA, N. : Studies on mass rearing methods of the dung beetle, Onthophagus gazella 9. Emergence of beetles reared by livestock dung with different component of feed 202

HAYAKAWA, H. and YAMASHITA, N. : Studies on mass rearing methods of the dung beetle, Onthophagus gazella 10. Relationship between the surface area of medium and the number of brood balls produced 204

HAYAKAWA, H. and NISHIJIMA, H. : A survey of blood-sucking flies at Ohtaki-mura, Eburi-shicho in Hokkaido 206