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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.37 (1986)

SUGIURA, M. : Biotechnology in plant protection 1

IWANO, M. : Convenient inoculation method for formation of leaf blast lesion on rice plant in field 8

IWANO, M. : Changes of susceptible type lesion rate to total lesions formed by suspension of compatible blast fungus on rice cultivar, ishikarishiroke, in different conditions 10

IWANO, M. : Susceptibility to blast disease of leaf of different ages and positions on rice cultivars differing in field resistance 14

NAKAJIMA, T., TAKEDA, M., ANDO, Y., SUZUKI, T. and HORINO, O. : Blast resistance of the rice parental line, Ou-PL1resistant to green rice leafhopper 17

HORINO, O. and SHINDO, K. : Patho-histological observations of panicle blast of rice caused by Pyricularia oryzae 21

IN, M. and SUZUKI, H. : Susceptibility to panicle blast of rice varieties in paddy field irrigated with cold water 24

SUZUKI, H., FUJITA, Y. and SONODA, R. : Influence of artificial rainfall before inoculation on the lesion development of rice blast 27

TAKEDA, S. and OGAWA, K. : Effect of the rain on disease development of rice sheath blight caused by Rhizoctonia solani KUHN 29

TAKEDA, T., TOKAIRIN, H., FUJITA, Y. and MIURA, H. : The development and chemical control of brown sclerotium disease of rice plants caused by Sclerotium oryzae-sativae SAWADA 32

FURUYA, H. : The relation between two pathogens of different diseases, Rhizoctonia pea stem rot occurring in Ouchi-machi, Akita, and brown sheath of rice 36

KUWATA, H., SHIMADA, K. and WASHIO, S. : Influence of air temperature and rainfall on disease development of bacterial halo blight of rice plants 38

KUWATA, H., SHIMADA, K. and WASHIO, S. : Fungicidal control of bacterial halo blight of rice plants 40

OGAWA, K. and TAKEDA, S. : Actual condition of seed disinfection in the occurred regions of benomyl resistant strains of bakanae disease fungus of rice, Gibberella fujikuroi 42

SATOH, Y. and DOBASHI, S. : Effects of seed disinfection with thiuram benomyl wettable power 20 and seed selection by salt solution on occurrence of brown spot of rice seedlings caused by Cochliobouls miyabeanus (S. Ito et Kuribayashi) Drechsler 46

SUZUKI, H., SONODA, R. and FUJITA, Y. : Relationship between the degree of development of brown spot caused by Cochliobolus miyabeanus (S. Ito et Kuribayashi) Drechsler on rice seedlings and the occurrence of blast disease, sheath blight, and growth of rice plants in the paddy field 48

FUJITA, Y. and SUZUKI, H. : Influence of temperature on resistance of soybean cultivars to purple stain 51

FUJITA, Y. and SUZUKI, H. : Decrease of soybean yield caused by purple stain 53

FUJITA, Y. and SUZUKI, H. : Resistance to soybean purple stain in wild soybean 56

SUGIYAMA, S., MATSUNAKA, K., FUJITA, K., NORO, S., TOYOKAWA, S. and YANAGIDA, M.: Occurrence of malformation with lesions on tubers of Chinese yam in Aomori prefecture 60

SASAKI, T. and UMEKAWA, M. : Ecological studies on bacterial canker of tomato 1. Relation between the population growth of pathogenic bacteria on the leaves and occurrence of bacterial canker of tomato 65

SASAKI, T., UMEKAWA, M. and HONDA, Y. : Ecological studies on bacterial canker of tomato 2. Development of bacterial canker of tomato under plastic roof and in open-field 68

YAMAZAKI, E., GOTO, T., SUDA, Y., MURASE, S. and IIZUKA, N. : Biological control of sweet pepper mosaic disease caused by pepper strain of tobacco mosaic virus, using application of an attenuated strain TMV-Pa18 71

NAKATANI, F. and HIRARAGI, T. : Disease progress and formation of small lesions of cucumber downey mildew caused by Pseudoperonospora cubensis 75

FURUYA, H. : Causal fungus of stem rot of pea which occurs in Ouchi-machi, Akita 80

OIKAWA, K., KUWATA, H., SHIMADA, K. and WASHIO, S. : Preliminary experiment on choanephora rot of garden pea caused by Choanephora cucurbitarum and its chemical control 83

YUUKI, S., SHIOMI, T., SHIRAKAWA, T. and TAKEUCHI, S. : Black spot of root of Japanese radish caused by Xanthomonas campestris 87

AKASAKA, Y. : Effect and adaptation of the total prevention methed from clubroot on chinese cabbage, by the soil solarization using of polyethylene film covering 90

MATSUZAKI, I., HANEDA, H. and MITSUEDA, T. : Anatomical observations on the entrance of Helicobasidium mompa into the root of asparagus 93

NAKAZAWA, N., SAITO, A. YUKITA, K. and FUKUSHIMA, C. : Control of apple scab with a curative fungicide 96

MACHIDA, I., SAITO, A., FUKUSHIMA, C. and TANAKA, Y. : Detection of apple stem grooving virus by enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay (ELISA) 99

YUKITA, K., NAKAZAWA, N. and FUKUSHIMA, C. : Studies on the silver-leaf disease of apple trees 1. Mycerial development of the pathogen and symptom on the apple trees inoculated with Stereum purpureum 103

HAYASHI, S., OGATA, T., TAKAMURA, N. and OCHIAI, M. : Studies on the ring rot of apples 4. Change of susceptibility of fruit in growing season 106

TANAKA, T., TOKAIRIN, H., TAKEDA, T. and ENDO, T. : Note on the powdery mildew of Carthamus tinctorius L. 108

MIKOSHIBA, Y., NEMOTO, M. and GOMI, T. : Studies on cocksfoot mosaic disease reductions of the harvests caused by cocksfoot mosaic disease 113

NEMOTO, M. and NAKAJIMA, T. : Occurrence of stem rust of orchardgrass in the suburbs of Morioka city 115

ARAYA, E., FUJIMURA, T. and KIMURA, T. : A method for predicting occurrence of the rice stem maggot, Chlorops oryzae MATSUMURA 117

TAKEDA, M. and SUZUKI, T. : Effect of photoperiod on the development of 2nd-generation larvae of the rice stem maggot, Chlorops oryzae MATSUMURA, in 2-generation area 120

KOBAYASHI, M. : Occurrence of rice water weevil (Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus KUSCHEL) in Iwate prefecture 122

KOBAYASHI, M. : Correlation between adult density of rice water weevil (Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus KUSCHEL) and its damage on rice 125

FUJIMURA, T., KIMURA, T. and ARAYA, E. : Ecology and control of rice water weevil, Lissorphotrus oryzophilus KUSCHEL 128

MURAI, T., ABE, N., OYAMA, N. and SAKAIYA, K. : Notes on the outbreak of white-backed planthopper Sagatella furcifera HORVATH and small brown planthopper Laodelphax striatellus FALLEN in Aomori prefecture, 1985 131

HACHIYA, K. : Weevils collected in and around paddy fields 135

HAYAKAWA, H., TSUTSUI, H. and GOTO, C. : Notes on Gortyna fortis BUTLER engraving maize plants 137

SAITO, T., FUSE, H. and SATO, M. : Control threshold of the two-striped leaf beetle, Medythia nigrobilineata MOTSCHULSKY 139

SASAKI, T. and KEGASAWA, K. : Control of Thrips tabaci LINDEMAN on pea using ultraviolet absorbing vinyl film 141

MIYAHARA, Y. : An observation on the immigration of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella LINNE, caused by typhoon 143

GOTO, C., HAYAKAWA, H. and TSUTSUI, H. : Notes on Spodoptera litura FABRICIUS captured by a pheromone trap in Hokkaido 147

TSUTSUI, H., HIRAI, Y. and GOTO, C. : Overwintering stage of the spotted cutworm in the Tokachi district, Hokkaido 148

TSUTSUI, H., HAYAKAWA, H. and GOTO, C. : Control of spotted cutworm by poison bait 151

HAYAKAWA, H., TSUTSUI, H. and GOTO, C. : Studies on the biology and control of the seed-corn maggot 2. The damage of Chinese yams by the seed-corn maggot 153

HAYAKAWA, H., TSUTSUI, H. and GOTO, C. : Studies on the biology and control of the seed-corn maggot 3. Overwitering of the seed-corn maggot in the Tokachi district, Hokkaido 155

TSUTSUI, H. : Freezing tolerance of Naenia contaminata WALKER 158

SATO, R., ABE, N. and TAKAKURA, K. : Effect of cyhexation applied before the successive application of bordeaux mixture to spider mites on apple trees 160

KINODA, M., TAZAWA, T. and YAMADA, M. : Dispersal of spider mites in apple orchards (1) Survey on the seasonal trend of air drift mites by the sticky trap 162

OHIRA, Y. : Variation in the body size as represented by the forewing ares in the peach fruit moth adults, Carposina niponensis WALSINGHAM, issued from the overwintering cocoons and caught by the pheromone traps 165

YOSHII, T. and YOKOI, N. : A period of development of the mulberry small weevil, Baris deplanata ROELOFS and growth of the head capsule width of the larvae 170

AMANO, K. : Pupation site of Musca hervei VILLEREVE 173

TORIKURA, H. : Biological notes on the tachinid fly, Istochaeta rhombonicus (Borisova-Zinovjeva) , a parasite of the adult chafer of Mimela testaceipes MOTSCHULSKY 176

SASAKI, H., NISHIJIMA, Y. and ONO, H. : Notes on the black flies collected at the Tohbetsu municipal pasture in Hokkaido (Diptera : Simuliidae) 180