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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No.36 (1985)

NARITA, H. : Present situation of mites control on the fruit trees in the countries of Central Europe 1

TSURUTA, R. : Control threshold for 2nd generation based on the dead heart injured by 1 st generation of rice stem borer 6

TAKEDA, M. and SUZUKI,. T. : Assessments of resistance of high-yielding rice varieties and their parental varieties, and laboratory technique for testing resistance in the green house to the rice stem maggot, Chlorops oryzae MATSUMURA 10

TAKANO, T. and FUJISAKI, Y. : Emergence time of the smaller rice leaf miner adult, Hydrellia griseola FALLEN 14

KIDOKORO, T and MAEDA, M. : Effect of larval density on the leaf consumption and mortality of smaller rice leaf miner, Hydrellia griseola FALLEN 17

FUJISAKI, Y. and ABE, K. : Overwintering and hatching conditions of smaller rice leaf miner, Hydrellia griseola FALLEN, in Miyagi prefecture 19

SATO, T., ANDO, Y. and SUZUKI, T. : Control of the rice leaf beetle, Oulema oryzae KUWAYAMA, by the band application of fertilizer mixed cartap near the side of seedlings at rice-planting 22

YUUKI, S. : Notes on the host plant of the rice water weevil, Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus KUSCHEL 25

SUZUKI, T., KOBAYASHI, M. and KOBAYASHI, Y. : Invasion and oviposition period of rice water weevil, Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus KUSCHEL, to the paddy fields 27

NAGANO, T., FUZISAKI, Y., SATO, S. and ABE, K. : Relation between seasonal prevalence and temperature of air, water and soil of rice water weevil, Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus KUSCHEL, in Miyagi prefecture 30

ENDO, S., SAITO, T. and SHOJI, T. : Control of the rice water weevil by seedling box treatment and paddy water application of insecticides 32

KOBAYASHI, M. and SUZUKI, T. : Effects and phytotoxicity of the carbosulfan granule on rice seedling boxes for the control of rice water weevil (Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus KUSCHEL) 35

TAKAHASHI, F., NAGANO, T. and SATO, S. : Occurrence of spotted rice by sorghum plant bug, Stenotus rubrovittatus MATSUMURA, in the north of Miyagi prefecture 38

SAITO, T., SHOJI, T., ENDO, S. and EGUCHI, N. : Ecology and control of wheat and barley aphids 1. Occurrence and seasonal prevalence of wheat and barley aphids in Yamagata prefecture 41

SAITO, T., ENDO, S. and SHOJI, T.: Ecology and control of wheat and barley aphids 2. Analysis of injury to wheat caused by aphids 45

TSUTSUI, H. and HONMA, K. : Notes on natural enemies of noctuid pests of maize plants in early growing stage 48

TORIKURA, H. : Biological notes on the potato leaf miner, Pegomya dulcamarae WOOD 50

MIYAHARA, Y. : Confirmation of an abnormal sex ratio in Ostrinia furnacalis GUENEE collected in Motoyoshi, Miyagi prefecture 53

MIYAHARA, Y. : Rearing of the oriental corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis GUENEE, on an artificial diet 3. Comparison on two different rearing methods 56

TAKANO, T. : Prediction of major insect pests infecting soybean seeds by the multiple regression equation 58

SATO, M. : Effect of FenvalerateEMEP on soybean pod borer, Legiminvora glycinivorella MATSUMURA 60

HAYAKAWA, H., TSUTSUI, H. and GOTO, C. : Survey of Palomena angulosa (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) mass-infested on soybean plants in the Tokachi district, Hokkaido 63

SATO, M. : Survey on the seasonal prevalence of common cutworm, Spodoptera litura by pheromone trap in the Shonal plain, Yamagata prefecture 66

HAYAKAWA, H., TSUTSUI, H. and GOTO, C. : Studies on the biology and control of the seed-corn maggot 1. Relation between the depth of fish meals buried and the attraction of the seed-corn maggot 69

TSUTSUMI, M., MITSUI, Y., URAGAMI, A. and YOSHIKAWA, H. : Differences in tolerance of onion varieties to feeding by the onion maggot, Hylemia antiqua MEIGEN 71

YAMADA, T. and MATHUDA, I. : Distribution of the turnip maggot, Delia floralis FALLEN, in Aomori prefecture 74

TSUTSUI, H., HAYAKAWA, H., GOTO, C. and ATSUMI, T. : Survey of insect pests feeding on carrot-leaves in the Tokachi district, Hokkaido 77

TSUTSUI, H., GOTO, C. and HAYAKAWA, H. : The damage of carrots by the black cutworm in the Tokachi district of Hokkaido in 1984 79

HAYAKAWA, H., TSUTSUI, H. and GOTO, C. : Survey of wireworms mass-infested on carrots in the Tokachi district, Hokkaido 81

TORIKURA, H. : Tubercular fruit of pumkin caused by feeding of the mirid bug, Lygus disponsi LINNAVUORI 83

SASAKI, T. and HONDA, Y. : Control of Crioceris quaturde cimpunctana on asparagus using ultraviolet absorbing vinyl film 87

WAKOU, M. and ODAGIRI, M. : Effect of some acaricides on the two spotted spider mite and on field population of predacious mite 90

NARITA, H. and OSUMI, S. : Residual effect of pyrethroid type insectcides on hatching larva of peach fruit moth(Carposina nipponensis WALSINGHAM) 94

ODAGIRI, M., CHIEDA, T. and TAKANO, T. : Seasonal prevalence of occurrence of oriental carpenter moth, Cossus japonica GAEDE 97

OKU, T. : Variation in forewing length of the spotted cutworm moth, Xestia c-nigrum LINNE, in Northern Japan 99

OKU, T. : Overwintering stage in the spotted cutworm, Xestia c-nigrum LINNE 103

TORIKURA, H. : Notes on the biology of the tortoricid moth, Eana argentana CLERCK occurred in grassland 106

HASEGAWA, T. and YAMASHITA, N. : Semifield experiments on the control of the dung breeding fly, Musca hervei (Diptere : Muscidae) by the activity of the native dung beetle, Onthophagus lenzii (Coleoptera : Scarabaidae) 110

AMANO, K., HASEGAWA, T. and TSUBAKI, Y. : Laboratory tests to determine susceptibility of adult horn fly to permethrin 114

OHTA, K., SHIMADA, K. and WASHIO, S. : Statistical analysis of climatic effects on the degree of fungus development of rice blast estimated by the leaf sheath inoculation technique (2) 116

SUZUKI, H., FUJITA, Y. and SONODA, R. : Interval for control of panicle blast of rice applied granule or powder to the leaf blast in paddy field irrigated with cold water 120

SUZUKI, H., TAKAHASHI, S., FUJITA, Y. and SONODA, R. : Effect of seed-disinfection by thiram benomyl on blast, brown spot and "bakanae" disease of rice 122

ABE, S., YUAN, Z, S,. and SASAKI, T.: Resistance for blast disease of rice varieties bred in the northeast district, China 125

SAKUMA, H., IWANO, M. and MIURA, H. : Racial distribution of rice blast fungus in the regions cultivated a few cultivars with one true resistance gene and cultivated many cultivars with various true resistance genes to blast in Yamagata prefecture 128

TSUBOKI, K. and YAEGASHI, H. : Host range and mating type of blast fungus from proso millet 132

SASAKI, T. and HONDA, Y. : Control of blast disease of mioga plant by the use of ultraviolet absorbing vinyl film 134

SUZUKI, H., SONODA, R. and FUJITA, Y. : Occurrence of blast disease, sheath blight and growth of rice plant in the paddy field infected with damping-off by Rhizopus chinensis or wilting by Pythium spp. at the seedling stage 137

HONKURA, R., INOUE, T., OIKAWA, T. and ABE. K. : Occurrence of snow rot of barley and wheat, caused by Typhula ishikariensis S. Imai, in the Sengai plan 141

YAMAGATA, K. : Effect of root inoculation on the incidence of phytophthora rot of soybean 144

OIKAWA, T., HONKURA, R., FUJISAKI, Y. and INOUE, T. : Some fungi causing degenerated kernel of soybean 146

OIKAWA, T. HONKURA, R. FUJISAKI, Y. and INOUE, T. : Occurrence and chemical control of degenerated kernel of soybean 149

INOUE, M., FURUYA, Y. and MATSUMOTO, T.: Serological relationships among the virus strains of tobamovirus group using passive hemagglutination and reverse passive hemagglutination 151

KUWATA, H., OGOSHI, A., SHIMADA, K. and WASHIO, S. : Brown root rot of carrot caused by Cylindrocarpon obtusisporum 155

HANEDA, H., MATSUZAKI, I. and MITSUEDA, T. :Effect of organic materials application to the soil on root-infecting fungi. 2. Difference of the duration of arresting effect on hyphal growth of Rosellinia necatrix, caused by the sorts of organic material 157

TSUKIZI, K. and OZAWA, T.: Air concentration and deposit by different applications of procymidone to fruit vegetables in vinyl house 160

SUZUKI, N., ARAI, S., OSANAI, Y. and FUKUSHIMA, C. : Susceptibility of apple new varieties to Alternaria mari ROBERTS 163

YUKITA, K., CHU, E., NAKAZAWA, N. and FUKUSHIMA, C. : Field observation of silver-leaf disease caused by Stereum purpureum PERS. ex FR on apple trees in Aomori prefecture 166

HAYASHI, S., OCHIAI, M. and TAKAMURA, N. : Studies on the ring rot of apples 3. Identification of isolated fungus from rotted fruit of apples 169

MIKOSHIBA, Y., NEMOTO, M. and GOMI, T. : Studies on cocksfoot mosaic disease Differences of infection with cocksfoot mottle virus between several cultivars of Dactylis glomerata 172