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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No. 31(1980j

Minoru ICHINOHE : Studies on the Root-Knot Nematode of Black-Pepper Plantation in Amazon 1

Jiro KOBAYASHI : Efficacy of Phthalide on Panicle Blast of Rice 9

Yoshikatsu FUJITA and Hozumi SUZUKI : Change of Field Resistant Resction of Rice to Some Isolates of Blast Fungus 16

Shigeru OSADA and Takashi INOUYE : Studies on the Fungicide Strains of Pyricularia oryzae CAVARA 1. Occurrence of Resistant Strains of Pyricularia oryzae to IBP in Miyagi Prefecture and Methods of Determining Their Strains 18

Tadae ADACHI, Kazuo MATSUMOTO, and Akira HASHIMOTO : Influence of Wind on Occurrence of Rice Leaf Blast (Preliminary report) 20

Kazuo MATSUMOTO, Akira HASHIMOTO and Tadae ADACHI : Optimum Spray Timing for Rice Panicle Blast Observed from Dosage-Effect Relationship (Preliminary Repprt) 23

Keiji OHTA, Jun-itsu CHIBA, and Suesaku CHIBA : Effects of Fungicidal Applications on the Varietal Differences of Lesion Development in Rice Blast 26

Koichi ASAGA : Pathogenicity of Conidiospore of Blast Fungus Stained with Fluorescent Dye 30

Toshiya SATO and Masanobu WATANABE : The Epidemic Outbreak of Blast (Pyricularia oryzae) in Rice Variety, Yamatenishiki, in Mogami District, Yamagata Prefecture 32

Yoshikatsu FUJITA and Hozumi SUZUKI : Rice Distribution of Rice Blast Fungus in 1975-1979 34

Hozumi SUZUKI and Yoshikatsu FUZITA : Influence of Temperature on the Outbreak of Rice Blast Disease 36

Keisuke SHINDO and Koichi ASAGA : Panicle Blast Resistance of Rice Varieties Evaluated by Natural Infection in Fields and Artificial Inoculation in Greenhouse 38

Seiichi HIRAYAMA, Hisao TOHKAIRIN, Takashi TANAKA and Kazuo KIMURA : On the Outbreak Feature of Brown Sclerotium Disease and Bordered Sheath Spot of Rice Plant 40

Seiichi HIRAYAMA, Takashi TANAKA, Hisao TOHKAIRIN and Kazuo KIMURA : On the Overwintering by Sclerotium of Brown Sclerotium Disease Fungus (Sclerotium oryzaesativa SAWADA) of Rice Plant 42

Tomiichi TAKEDA and Hiroshi FUSE : The Yearly Range on the Development of the Sheath Blight of Rice Plant Caused by Rhizoctonia solani KUHN 44

Kiyohide ISHIGURO, Masataro SATO, Toshiichi SAITO and Tomiichi TAKEDA : Chemical Hnyury of MAF on Rice Plant Occurred in Shonai District in 1979 and Its Effect on Yield and Quality of Rice 46

Katsumi OGAWA : Occurrence of Seedling Blight caused by Rhizopus sp. during Raising of Young Seedling of 3.5 Leaf Ages 49

Masayoshi SUWA, Katsumi OGAWA and Shigeru WATANABE : Studies on Bacterial Grain Rot of Rice Plant. 3. Secondary Infection of Grain Rot Bacterium during the Seed Soaking and the Raising of Rice Seedling 52

Takao GOTO : The Growth of Seedlings Infected with Bacterial Seedling Rot (Pseudomonas glumae) and the Occurrence of Diseases and Insects on Those Seedlings after Transplanting in the Field 54

Yoritsugu ENDO : Relation of Raising Conditions of Seedling Flat and Development of Rice Seedling Rot Caused by Pseudomonas glumae 56

Takao GOTO : Ecology and Control of Bacterial Grain Rot Rice 58

Hozumi SUZUKI and Yoshikatsu FUJITA : Timely Application of Chemicals Thought from Infection Time for Control of Soybean Purple Speck 60

Tatsuo OZAWA, Katsumi OGAWA and Shigeru WATANABE : Effect of Seed Disinfection and Foliar Application for Control Soybean Purple Speck 62

Toshihiro KATSUBE : The Effect of Soybean Purple Blotch on Growth Yield and Some Chemical Components of Seeds (Preliminary Report) 64

Satoru SUGIYAMA, Chimao FUKUSHIMA and Sadao WASHIO : The Reaction of Soybean Varieties to Downy Mildew (Peronospora manshurica) 67

Manabu UMEKAWA and Yasumasa WATANABE : Control of Angular Leaf Spot of Cucumber by Suppressing the Relative Humidity in the Plastic House 69

Hirotaka KUWATA, Jun-itsu CHIBA, Keise SHIMADA and Suesaku CHIBA : Transmission by Seed Bulbs and the Site of Infection of White Rot of Garlic Caused by Sclerotium cepivorum 71

Jun-itsu CHIBA, Hirotaka KUWATA, Keise SHIMADA, and Suesaku CHIBA : Fungicidal Control of White Rot of Garlic Through the Treatment of Seed Bulbs 73

Kuniyuki MIYAJIMA : Occurrence of Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas campestris pv. hordei (Hagborg)Dye) of Orchardgrass in Hokkaido Prefecture 74

Koji FUJITA, Yahei TANAKA and Sukemoto KUDO : Conidial Dispersal in Valsa ceratosperma (TODE et FRIES) MAIRE, the Causal Fungus of Japanese Apple Canker 78

Yukio HARADA, MItsuhiko YAMAUCHI and Kenzo SAWAMURA : Experimental Control of Japanese Apple Canker (Valsa ceratosperma) by Spraying Homai in Early Spring 81

Tsutomu SAKUMA : A Consideration of the Simple Screening Method to Determine the Efficiency of Fungicides on Apple Valsa Canker 82

Yukio HARADA and Kenzo SAWAMURA : Basitac (Mepronil), a Promising Agent for Preventing Basidiospore Production by Galls of Japanese Apple Rust (Gymnosporangium yamadae) on Junipers 84

Shin-ichi TAKEDA, Takeshi HIRARAGI and Hiroshi SEKIGAWA : Effect of the Rain on Occurrence of Apple Rust 85

Syunsaku TAKAHASHI and Jin TANBA : Occurrence of Grape Cristulariella Leaf Spot (Cristulariella pyramidalis WATERMAN and MARSHALL) in Akita Prefecture 87

Kyozi FUKUSHI, Takashi SUGIKI and Chimao FUKUSHIMA : Tolerance of Grape Gray Mold (Botrytis cinerea PERSOON) to Thiophanate-methyl 89

Takeshi HIRARAGI, Fusaharu NAKATANI and Hiroshi SEKIZAWA : Studies on the Canker of Pear. I. Occurrence of the Disease and Symptoms 91

Fusaharu NAKATANI, TAkeshi HIRARAGI and Hiroshi SEKIGAWA : Studies on the Canker of Pear. II . Isolation and Identification of Pathogens 93

Tsugio SHOJI and Kunihiro SATO : Control of Witches' Broom on Cherry Trees caused by Taphrina wiesneri by Prunning of the Diseased Twigs and Fungicidal Application 95

Mamoru INOMATA : A Model of Suction Type Automatic Slide Spore Trap Operated at any Presetting Time 98

Takashi KIDOKORO : Ovipositing Habit of the Rice Leaf Beetle, Oulema oryzae KUWAYAMA I. Oviposition Rhythm and Interval in the Field 101

Takashi KIDOKORO : Ovipositing Habit of the Rice Leaf Beetle, Oulema oryzae KUWAYAMA II . The Influence of Rice Quality on the Oviposition Ability and the Survial Rate of Adult 103

Takashi KIDOKORO : Ovipositing Habit of the Rice Leaf Beetle, Oulema oryzae KUWAYAMA III . Variation in the Egg Mass Size 105

Yoshio MIYAHARA : The Mating Rate of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis GUENEE Collected on the East China Sea 107

Yuichiro FUJISAKI, Masamichi ISHIGAKI and Keishiro FUSHIMI : Studies on the Forecasting Method of the Occurrence in the Smaller Rice Leaf Miner, Hydrellia griseola FALLEN(1) Survey Method 110

Toshiaki TAKANO : On the Injury of Rice Plant by the Tettigoniids in the Northern Part of Miyagi Prefecture 112

Nobuo KAWABE, Masamitsu KATO, Naoki SEITA, Masao ASHITATE and Takashi KOJIMA : Some Observation on the Appearance of Neolethaeus dallasi SCOTT in Paddy Field 114

Takashi SAITO and Norio EGUCHI : Effect of Soybean Injury by Defoliators in Upland Field Converted from Paddy Field 116

Tadao SUZUKI and Tei SATO : Black Spots on Soybean Grain Damaged by Some Insect 118

Takekatsu CHIBA and Toshio SUZUKI : Effects of Temperature on the Egg, Larval and Pupal Development of the Seed-corn Maggot, Hylemya platura MEIGEN 119

Hidenori TORIKURA : On the Stalk-Borers of Young Corn in Northern Hokkaido I . Species and Character of Injury 122

Hitoshi TSUTSUI, Kenpei HONMA and Yoshio HIRAI : Distribution of Wilting Plants by Injury of False Sweet Flag Cutworm, Helotropha leucostigma laevis BUTLER, in a Maize Field 124

Hisashi INOUYE, Makoto SHIBA, Yoshio NAGANO and Akihiro IINUMA : Control of the Turnip Maggot by Application of Some Insecticides in Soil 126

Hisashi INOUYE, Makoto SHIBA, Yoshio NAGANO, Akihiro IINUMA, Wakaichi SHIBASAKA and Kooki UMINO : Control of the Striped Flea Beetle by Application of some Insecticides in Soil 128

Yasuyoshi AKIYAMA : Studies on the Flea Beetles of Sugar Beet III . Feeding plants of the Adult Flea Beetle, Chaetocnema discreta BALY 130

Hisashi INOUYE, Kenpei HONMA and Tsuneo ARAI : On the Wire Worm, Migiwa quadrillum (CANDEZE), a New Pest of Sugar Beet Seedling 132

Haruo HORIGUCHI and Toshinobu MURAI : Deposition of Spray on Beet and Potato Leaves in the Ground Low Volume Application of Pesticides 133

Toshio OKU : Seasonal Cycle of Mamestra illoba BUTLER in Morioka 135

Hirofumi HAYAKAWA and Tsutomu HASEGAWA ; Tabanids Collected at Shimokita Peninsula 138

Hirofumi HAYAKAWA and Shozo WATANABE : Tabanids Collected at Ohda-city, Shimane Prefecture 140

Hirofumi HAYAKAWA, Hiromitsu MORIYAMA and Tomiko HAYAKAWA : Tabanids Collected in Fukushima Prefecture (Survey in 1979) 141

Hisashi INOUYE : Ecological Studies on Carabidae, as Natural Enemies of Insect Pests XIV. The Ground Beetles, Harpalini on Cultivated Field 142

Hisashi INOUYE : Ecological Studies on Carabidae, as Natural Enemies of Insect Pests VX. The Ground Beetles, Pterostichiui on Cultivated Field 143

Nobuyuki OYAMA and Masateru YAMADA : Soil Surface Fauna in Apple Orchard II . Carabid Beetles Collected by Pitfall Traps 144

Akira KAMIYAMA, Yuji HANADA and Takeshi AKAHIRA : Survival in Winter and Activity after Hibernation of the Summer Fruit Moth Larva 147

Takeshi UJIYE and Yuji TAKAHASHI : Parasites of the Apple Leaf Miner, Phyllonorycter ringoniella (MATSUMURA), Collected from Several Orchards of the Southern Part of Akita Prefecture 149

Masayoshi WAKOU : On the Body Size of the European Red Mite, Panonychus ulmi (KOCH) and Two Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae KOCH 152

Masaru OSAKABE : Influence of the Experimental Materials on the Survey Results of Adult Emergence of the Peach Fruit Moth, Carposina niponensis WALSINGHAM, in the Net House 155

Masaru OSAKABE : Biological Notes on the Oviposition of the Peach Fruit Moth, Carposina niponensis WALSINGHAM, in the Apple Orchard 158

Masaru OSAKABE : On the Larval Growth of the Peach Fruit Moth, Carposina niponensis WALSINGHAM, under the Abnormal High-Temperature Condition in the Apple Orchard 160

Hiroshi FUSE and Tomiichi TAKEDA : Diseases and Insect Pests on Soybean in the Fields Converted from Paddy Fields 162