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Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan: Contents

No. 24i1973j

GOTO, M. : Ecological Studies on the Rice-Root Nematode, Hirschmaniella imamri SHER, with special Reference to its Relationship of Interaction between Arrangement of the Roots at the Node in Rice Plant and Host-parasite System in Nematode. 1

NARITA, T., and ITO, H. : The Fungi identified to Ascochyta phaseolorum SACC. in HOKKAIDO. I. 6

KOBAYASHI, T., OKU, T., KUMAGAI, S., ITO, H., and HUNABASAMA, K. : Simultaneous Control of the Soybean Seed Pests with Bycid Dust in an Area where occur some Southern Pests together with the Soybean Pod Borer. 14

SAKAMOTO, Y., OHASHI, Y., and TSUTSUMI, M. : Control of the Wireworms by several Insecticides. 18

SEKITA, N. and YAMADA, M. : Studies on Forecasting the Hatching Time of Archips fuscocupreanus WALSINGHAM(Lepidoptera : Tortricidae) 23

FUSE, H. : An Observation on the Mass Flight of the Black Cutworm Moth, Agrotis ipsilon HUFNAGEL 28

KATSUBE, T. : Influence of Incidence of Downey Mildew on Yield of Paddy Rice 32

OKAZAKI, K. : Parasitic Wasps of Rice Leaf Miner, Agromyza oryzae MUNAKATA. No.1. A Report of the Studies on the Primary Parasitic Chalcid Flies (Hymenoptera : Eulophidae and Entedontidae) bred from the Larvae of Rice Leaf Miner (Diptera : Agromyzidae) 36

ITO, T., SUGAHARA, N., TOYAMA, K., OUCHI, S., ITO, H., FUNABASAMA, K., and HINO, G. : Application of Micro-granule Insecticides for the Control of Rice Leaf Beetle, Oulema oryzae KUWAYAMA, by use Boom Type Power Duster (Pipe Duster) 43